Starting a Family Band and Other Musical Tips and Ideas

Starting a Family Band and Other Musical Tips and Ideas

Which Instrument Is Right For Your Child?

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Giving your child the gift of music can become a valuable gift for the rest of their life. Parents often start music lessons with their child from a young age, but it's never too late to learn to play a musical instrument. The hardest obstacle to overcome when deciding to start music lessons with your child is deciding what musical instrument they should learn. There is a wide variety of instruments to choose from: drums, flute, violin, piano, guitar, saxophone, and so much more. Here's how to decide which instrument is right for your child.

Natural Music Skills

Does your child show a natural affinity with a particular instrument? Perhaps they often tap out drum beats while sitting at the table. Maybe you catch them rocking out with their air guitar, or maybe they like singing all the time. Use their natural musical interests to guide you to picking out the right instrument.

Physical Compatibility

Some instruments suit some body shapes and sizes better than others. For example, your child may not be able to play the flute if they have a tear-shaped lip, or your child may have short and stubby fingers not suited for playing the piano. Also bear in mind how heavy an instrument is, particularly if your child will be attending music lessons or band practice at school, as your child will have to carry the instrument themselves; bulky instruments like the viola or tuba may not be ideal for primary school children (but you could start them on a smaller instrument and allow them to progress to the larger instrument as they grow older).

Try It Out

The best way to be sure your child will enjoy playing a musical instrument is to let them pick out an instrument for themselves! Encourage them to try as many instruments as possible before purchasing an instrument for your child. You can take your child to a music store where they may be allowed to try out many different instruments with the assistance of the storeperson; the storeperson will also be able to advise which instruments may be most suitable for your child. Your child's school may also provide an opportunity for the children to test out different instruments from the school orchestra. After your child has had the opportunity to test a number of instruments, discuss which instruments they liked best. If you are still unsure if the chosen instrument is the best for your child, don't feel pressured to spend a lot of money on an instrument that they may not enjoy; look into renting the instrument from your school, music lesson provider, or music store.

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