Starting a Family Band and Other Musical Tips and Ideas

Starting a Family Band and Other Musical Tips and Ideas

Quick Tips for First Time Saxophone Buyers

Lance Duncan

Buying a saxophone is not incredibly difficult, as you don't need to worry about electric versus acoustic models as you do when buying a guitar or other such stringed instrument. A saxophone doesn't need to be tuned and doesn't suffer the wear and tear of stringed instruments either, so even used models can be a good choice for any player.

This makes buying a saxophone relatively easy for a musician, but if this is your first time purchasing a saxophone, and especially if you're buying one online, you want to understand a few important features to consider:

1. Plating and lacquer

You might note that some saxophones are available with a colored lacquer, and this is done for appearance only. The various colors don't denote anything special about the saxophone and won't affect its overall sound quality.

However, silver-plated saxophones may produce what is called a brighter or higher-pitched sound than most, and one that is gold-plated have a warmer sound. The silver-plated versions are usually used for marching bands and military bands, whereas the gold-plated versions might be a good investment for serious musicians. For students and those who play in a garage band, a lacquered version, which is often more affordable than silver or gold, may be an acceptable choice.

2. Used instruments

As said, used saxophones don't have the same wear and tear on strings as do guitars or pianos, but you still want to check a few details when considering a used sax. Note if there are dents or dings on the body, as this will affect sound quality. The pads should also completely cover the key cups, right to the edges.

If you cannot see a clear picture of the entire body of the horn and the pads, think twice about buying a used saxophone online. Those are the most important aspects of the instrument and you need to ensure the body and pads are in good condition.

3. Mouthpieces and reed accessories

If you're a beginner, consider a hard rubber mouthpiece. This is often more comfortable than the standard mouthpiece attached to a sax, and will allow you to get comfortable with playing before you move on to a more professional mouthpiece. Since it's easy to be careless with your reeds, be sure the saxophone you buy has reed carrying accessories. You also want a cap for the mouthpiece, as this too will protect the reed once it's inserted into the instrument.

To learn more, contact a Yamaha saxophone seller with more questions you have.


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