Starting a Family Band and Other Musical Tips and Ideas

Starting a Family Band and Other Musical Tips and Ideas

Why Are Personal Guitar Lessons Better Than Online Tutorials?

Lance Duncan

It does not matter whether you are talking about singing lessons, piano lessons or any other type of music lessons for that matter — an in-person experience with a tutor will always be better than an online tutorial. Of course, when it comes to guitar lessons that are provided via a videoconference service, you can still get a degree of interaction even when student and teacher are not physically present with one another. Indeed, many online guitar tutorials will simply demonstrate how to do something rather than genuinely teach you why certain techniques are preferable. What makes one-on-one guitar lessons a richer experience?

Better Communication

To begin with, guitar lessons that are conducted between a tutor and a student will involve a degree of shared communication. With an online tutorial, conversely, it is all one-way. For example, if you watch a video of somebody showing you how to shape the A-minor chord, then you can pick this up relatively easily. However, it is unlikely that viewing through your computer screen will allow you to also pick up the best way to transition from this chord to other related ones, such as C-major or D-minor, for instance. When you are receiving a lesson in-person, this should never be the case

Choose Your Style

Another important thing to say about guitar lessons is that they can be adapted to suit your particular preferences. Some people might want to learn how to play a particular song, for example, but for others, it might be that they prefer a certain sound or style. With lessons that are taught in-person, you can tailor them to a great extent. Therefore, if you want to learn how to play a finger-picking folk style or heavy rocking power chords, you can. Equally, if you get bored of one style and want to try out something else, then this should not be a problem for most skilled guitar teachers to accommodate.

Wider Musical Contexts

One of the major problems with online guitar tutorials is that they teach you how to do something in only one way. Although this might help you with a particular skill you want to gain, it rarely places the skill in a wider context. As such, you can pick up bad habits that will cause you problems down the line as you improve as a musician. Equally, tutorials tend to be very thin on musical theory, whereas your guitar lessons should always include elements of rhythm and harmony theory which you can apply in your music, perhaps transferring these skills to other instruments if you want.


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Starting a Family Band and Other Musical Tips and Ideas

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